Leadership Team

Meet the leadership team at Church On The Rock

Meet our Leadership Team

Say hello to the leadership team at Church On The Rock. Got questions for the lead team at Church On The Rock? Contact us by clicking here.

James Lubega, Senior Pastor & Founder

James Lubega is the founder and pastor of Church On The Rock. He has been in ministry for almost 30 years and started the church in 1998 after he moved here to Denmark back in 1990 together with his wife, co-pastor Miriam Lubega, and their children.

Pastor James

Miriam Lubega, Co-pastor

Miriam Lubega is the Pastor and co-founder and leads the congregation passionately with the love of Christ, and has a natural ability to nurture and attend to the peoples needs. That's why we all call her "Mor (Mother, in Danish)". She's also the founder of the women's ministry - Glory of Womanhood

Pastor Miriam